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About EXE Jr.

The EXE Jr. Youth Program is a multimedia educational program founded by Expressed Entertainment CEO Johnette "JA:" Warren-Askew and husband/business partner, Marvin R. Askew II.   The program is designed to give incoming 7th-12th grade students an introduction to audio/video production, graphic design, photography, spoken word and creative writing.  EXE Jr. gives inner-city youth, who would not otherwise be exposed to professional grade equipment and training in multimedia content creation, the opportunity to discover, develop and display their talents.  

EXE Jr. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization funded by Expressed Entertainment and donations. It is located at Expressed Entertainment's Studio in the Tri Main Building on Buffalo's Main St.. 

This summer the students will learn all the different aspects of and participate in the creation of a short film.  From writing scenes ti the shooting and editing of the film.  They all then be able to invite family and friends to the premier.  

The confidence that a young person receives from seeing their name credited on a production and watching their creation come to life is tremendous.  It is also something that is difficult to take away.  We are teaching our students how to express themselves in a positive manner.   How to take their fears, anger, pain, sorrow and ket it out in a productive way versus in a negative, harmful way.  This is a deterrent away from drugs, violence, promiscuity, self harm, suicide and more.  We teach them to do what we do, so then can be better and stronger than we are.  They deserve all the opportunity in the world and we are determined to do whatever we can to help them be the best people that they can be.  It's about more than the art.  

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Student Options:


*Summer Youth Program

Six week Summer Youth Program where students get to work with professionals to create content.  Every summer there are different projects.  Students learn an introduction to creative writing, audio and video production and more. The six weeks finish with a students showcase and completion ceremony, where the students share their creation with family, friends and the community,  

*Internship Program

This program runs during the school year after school. Students come to the studio two to three days out of the week.  Depending on student schedules.  They will work with Expressed Entertainment personnel on multimedia content creation.

Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials taught by Marvin R. Askew II.  In these tutorials you will learn basic filming and editing.  By private link only.  Students can also come to the studio to put their newfound knowledge to the test.

The 2021 EXE Jr. Student's Short Film Trailer for "Moves"

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